Krakow Hackathon

27 – 29 June 2024

Schedule of the hackathon in local time in Krakow

Local host

Kraków Technology Park

Krakow Technology Park (KPT) is the most complete one-stop-shop for business operating in Poland, actively engaged in various initiatives aiming towards sustainable development and innovation. One significant step is the establishment of the Małopolskie Center for Innovative Hydrogen Storage and Transport Technologies in 2023. This subsidiary reflects KTP’s commitment to fostering hydrogen technologies for regional development while addressing environmental concerns. Additionally, KTP has been involved in projects such as GREENE 4.0 and Smart Circuit, focusing on sustainable manufacturing practices and circular economy promotion, respectively, supported by EU funds. Moreover, projects like SMART_KOM and Smogathon demonstrate KTP’s dedication to smart city development and combating environmental challenges like air pollution. Through initiatives like SOILL-Startup, KPT aligns its goals with EU strategies for green transformation, particularly in the agricultural sector. These endeavors showcase KTP’s proactive engagement with EU missions such as Adaptation to Climate Change and Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities.

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