Is there an age limit to participate?

There is no age limit. We welcome participants of all ages.


Do I need to have a technical background to participate?

No, the competition is open to any citizen. We are looking for both technical and social solutions, and anyone can contribute regardless of their experience.


Do I need to travel to participate?

No, the hackathons are online. You only need to grab your computer and get ready to be part of this unique initiative.


Who proposes the challenges?

The competition is designed to work on challenges proposed by citizens. We are looking for climate problems (whether small or large) that concern the participating citizens. All challenges are relevant!


How long does the hackathon last?

The hackathon lasts for 16 hours, spread over four sessions: Thursday afternoon, Friday afternoon, and Saturday morning and afternoon. The sessions are designed to provide all participants with a unique experience and help them develop their solutions for presentation to the judges.


If I can’t attend the hackathon in my country, can I join another one?

Yes, we don’t want anyone to miss out. If you can’t attend on the dates in your country, you can sign up for another one that suits you better, and we’ll accommodate your challenge.


Can I participate as a team?

Yes, you can register individually or as a team. If you are a team, you will need to indicate the other members so we can manage it.


Is there a fee to participate?

No, EU Sparks for Climate is free for everyone.


What benefits can I gain from the local phase?

If you are one of the winning teams, you will attend a completely free program of sessions and mentoring to further develop your skills. This program will be led by experts from various disciplines, and you and your team will receive dedicated mentoring to continue developing your solution.


What if I don’t advance to the next phase?

EU Sparks for Climate is a unique opportunity to meet others and connect with experts who can help your team advance on what you have developed towards delivering impact. Additionally, you will have worked on a challenge that concerns you, contributing to your community with your expertise.