Trondheim Hackathon

5 – 7 September


Schedule of the hackathon in local time in Trondheim

Local host

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

NTNU Smart Sustainable Cities aims to create climate-positive cities and communities in cooperation with public and private sectors, community and grassroot organisations, art and culture, academia and other societal stakeholders. We coordinate several projects with Norwegian, Nordic and European cities and stakeholders. In CrAFt (Creating Actionable Futures), we support more than 70 European cities, their stakeholders and their students, in making their climate transitions inclusive, sustainable and beautiful. The NEB-STAR New European Bauhaus Lighthouse project is one of the six first NEB demonstrators supported by the European Commission, with Stavanger as NEB Lighthouse to showcase in practice how a city can transform from an oil-based to a climate-neutral, inclusive, beautiful and sustainable city in cooperation with its commercial and societal stakeholders. NEB-STAR cooperates closely with the Danish-led DESIRE project and other Nordic stakeholders. In the Re-Value innovation project, we work with 9 waterfront cities, local stakeholders and transversal partners on re-valuing urban design and planning in the face of climate change. In ENHANCE+, we work with 10 universities to explore how we can better support our cities and communities in becoming climate-positive.

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