Winning teams: Week 2

30 May – 1 June 2024


Athens Hackathon

Members:  David Klepej and Zulfiqar Ali 

Challenge: Increasing heavy rains and floods in Greece. 

The solution: Plimira represents a solution that will proactively engage the citizens towards building a more resilient city and improving the emergency responses. 

Slogan: Take cover? The rain is coming! 

Heat Fighters

Athens Hackathon

Members: Panagiotis Petropoulos, Panagiota Stamatelopoulou and Ippokratis Tsevrenis 

Challenge: Urban heat island in Athens. 

The solution: Create an agency that would disrupt the status quo of lack of green roofs reducing temperature by at least 27%. 

Slogan: Think it, Change it.

CoolShade Solutions

Madrid Hackathon

Members: Javier Rodríguez, Alicia Arranz and Zeliha Sahin Cagli. 

Challenge: Mitigating health risks from extreme heat in Southern Spain. 

The solution: City-wide paths and stations of sustainable, cool, and comfortable canopies powered by solar cells. 

Slogan: Make it cool. 


Madrid Hackathon

Members: Sofía Wepman, Javier Ríos, Flor Escobar and Sabina Bakula 

Challenge: Reduce water consumption in hospitality. 

The solution: Web app to incentivize hotel guests to save water during their stay. 

Slogan: Save drop, do not drip.