Winning teams: Week 3

6- 8 June 2024


Ankara Hackathon

Members: Muhammed Oğuzhan Mete, Muhammed Yahya Bıyık, Alp Eren Filiz and Zafer Talha Uşi. 

Challenge: The building sector is a major emitter. 

The solution: Generating measurable and easy-to-interpret outputs and predictions about CO2 emissions and the energy efficiency of buildings will help people collaborate against climate change. 

Slogan: Get smart, go green: Build sustainable and energy efficient cities with GEOAI.

Eco Innovation Enthusiast

Ankara Hackathon

Members: Mehmet Efe Göktürk, Sedat Arıtürk, Berke Kıroğulları and Kaan Cem Çabuker. 

Challenge: People living in densely populated areas suffer from the heat island effect which makes people consume more energy for cooling. 

The solution: We are reviving and upgrading a passive cooling system that uses forgotten cooling strategies from the ancient times. 

Slogan: Cooling the future, one city at a time. 

Food rescuers

Tirana Hackathon

Members: Karolina Mikna, Orestas Nastulevičius and Kęstutis Bražinskas. 

Challenge: Food waste management and awareness in schools. 

The solution: Student meal planner app to reduce school’s food waste. 

Slogan: Don’t toss, don’t waste, Food Rescuers make haste! 

Vlora Green Harvest Guardians

Tirana Hackathon

Members: Endora Xhaho, Aulona Veizi, Eriselda Kullolli, Ledjan Paja, Arjol THomaraj and Esmeralda Kapaj. 

Challenge: Impacts of climate change on agricultural land degradation and productivity. 

The solution: Innovative real-time agro-monitoring system addresses critical climate change-induced agricultural challenges by providing measurements of environmental parameters, helps mitigate soil degradation, managing soil salinity and predicting analytics, ensuring resilient and sustainable agricultural practices. 

Slogan: Empowering farmers, sustaining our future