Winning teams: Week 4

13 – 15 June 2024

The Nettuniani

Coimbra Hackathon

Members: Nick Vuolo, Martina Carrieri, Cristian Loghitano, Gustavo Chiquín and Mónica Salvia.

Challenge: Enhancing infrastructure, technology and nature to mitigate flood risks and improve citizens’ well-being and mobility, thereby increasing resilience to climate change. 

The solution: Nettuniani leverages advanced predictive AI, real-time monitoring, IoT, and historical insights from Milano’s ancient Roman channels and aquifers to pioneer sustainable flood management solutions. 

Slogan: The Nept-Union against the flood. 

HempSustain Builders

Coimbra Hackathon

Members: Evelyn Calispa, Istvan Nyarady, Zaher Akkad, Anișoara Neis, Irem Ustuntay and Kuburah Ismaila. 

Challenge: Urban citizens need to lock CO2 in buildings to heal the environment. 

The solution: Use industrial hemp to renovate and construct buildings, effectively store CO2 within the built environment and fostering a sustainable urban future. 

Slogan: Make buildings that heal the Earth! 


Uppsala Hackathon

Members: Ray Kong and Pallav Shrestha. 

Challenge: Improve food sufficiency with efficient land use. 

The solution: Rental service of small to medium sized modular vertical farms and provide a service ecosystem to support it. 

Slogan: Secure food – sustainable land use. 


Uppsala Hackathon

Members: Champike Munasinghe and Anna Karapetyan. 

Challenge: Schools contribute significantly to food waste, impacting sustainability.   

The solution: Reducing served food waste by giving voice and choice to children and community. 

Slogan: Voice and choice