Winning teams: Week 1

22 – 25 May 2024

Arctic Fibers

Reykjavik Hackathon

Members: Alice Sowa and Matthildur Amalía Marvinsdóttir. 

Challenge: Sustainable lupine fiber extraction methods with geothermal energy waste for textile applications. 

The solution: Transform the invasive lupine plant into sustainable textiles. 

Slogan: Transforming Lupine into Textiles 

Veles Solutions

Zagreb Hackathon

Members: Luka Cavaliere Lokas and Frano Rihter. 

Challenge: Mitigating heavy rains and floods in Croatia. 

The solution: Build a machine learning model that is flexible enough to provide adequate solution for every form of flooding. 

Slogan: “The single raindrop never feels responsible for the flood” – Douglas Adams 


Zagreb Hackathon

Members: Lana Trglavčnik, Fran Bistrović and Filip David. 

Challenge: Detecting and preventing soil damage. 

The solution: A robot-based solution to collect and analyse all characteristics of soil, connected to an app that will provide best actions for the client. 

Slogan: We want better soil so we can have good sunflower oil!