Athens Hackathon

29 May – 1 June 2024

Schedule of the hackathon in local time in Athens

Local host

Hellenic FIWARE iHub – AI Catalyst

Future Intelligence (FINT) is an IoT solution provider targeting Agrifood, Environment, Circular Economy and other relevant sectors. FINT is the founder of Hellenic FIWARE iHub, a Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) that will participate in the Hackathon. FINT works with AI catalyst and AIandMe to successfully run the hackathons.

Supporting organisation

The Laboratory of Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Systems

The Laboratory of Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Systems (LCIIS) is a research facility of the Industrial Design and Production Engineering Department, School of Engineering, at the University of West Attica. It was founded in 2019 (Official Government Gazette: 2966/B’/2019) with a twofold mission: i) to support the academic and training needs of undergraduate and post graduate students, and ii) to contact state-of-the-art research in the fields of Computational-Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Intelligent Control and Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, as well to implement and develop prototype system/service for the Industrial, Environmental and Circular Economy sectors.

Beyond Orbit

Beyond Orbitis a non-profit company that gives students (undergraduate, graduate, PhD), and young professionals the opportunity to participate in innovative hands-on projects. In this context, Beyond Robotics was created, a newly formed group of students that built the 1st Greek rover to participate in the European Rover Challenge (ERC) competition. Beyond Robotics’ first participation in ERC was more than successful. The team managed to win the 1st prize for Best Performance in the Science category, while achieving 7th Place in the World Ranking among 56 registered teams.


Katerina Georgantea

I have more than 18 years of experience in managing and coordinating large scale R&I projects funded by the EU’s Research and Innovation funding programs. I specialize in implementing Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation strategies and actions for EU funded projects.

Dimitrios Gerogiannis

Demetris holds a PhD in Computer. He is a passionate tech entrepreneur in the emerging field of AI. His vision is to establish a Cooperative AI ecosystem. As Founder and TechLead of AIandMe, he has created a no-code tool for fast, secure and scalable productisation & commercialisation of AI models.

Konstantinos Karamarkos

Activities in the technical-consulting field of urban & regional development strategic projects with 33 years of experience in the preparation, organization, management & coordination of co-financed projects in Greece & the EU. Focusing on the fields of entrepreneurship & RIS3

Ivana Jordanova

Climate Change Activist since 2014 and a leader since 2018. Most of my youth years have been devoted on building a bridge between the private and the NGO sector, to create new opportunities for the generations to come and deliver projects with SDG impact.

Jury Members

Thanos Yamas

Entrepreneur & Musician active in multiple verticals, & industries in IOT, UxV Systems, AI/ML & Sensor apps. My career so far has included a number of leading positions as founder & C-level executive in a dozen of companies & as an innovation expert & coordinator in numerous EC projects.

Yiannis Geragotellis

Yiannis has significant experience in support of startups and design of projects related to innovation competencies, technology transfer, research exploitation and business development. He is Founder and Managing Partner of KiNNO, x Head of INNOENERGY Hub and ESA Space Solutions Greece.

Chrysses Nicolaides

Chrysses is Strategy consultant & advisor for cities with global experience working in senior positions for companies and multinational organizations, providing strategic, business and technical leadership. Chrysses is a Board Member of the Cities Mission of the European Commission since 2019.

Eleftheria Popoura

My name is Eleftheria Popoura and I am a Bachelor’s Degree Holder in Marketing and Communication from Athens University of Economics and Business. I am currently working at Dialectica as an Associate on the Client Service Team for EMEA Strategy Consulting projects of various industries.

Kostas Siabanis

I am an ex-coder who turned his hobby of building websites into a venture, then into a daily job, then into a successful AI startup. Passionate about forming teams that create value, I envision a world where AI is trusted and safe. I help businesses manage the risks associated with generative A.

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