Reykjavik Hackathon

24 – 25 May 2024

Schedule of the hackathon in local time in Iceland

Local host


Saltworks is an innovative consultancy based in Iceland and Denmark, focusing on destination development, sustainability, and digitalization. We specialize in creating sustainable, digitally integrated destinations to lead the way for future generations. Combining Icelandic innovation with Danish design, our bespoke solutions prioritize eco-friendly practices and digital efficiencies.


Coastal resilience initiative.
Sustainable textile innovation for Iceland’s climate resilience.
Enhancing sustainable mobility in Iceland.
Sustainable adaptation to melting glaciers in Iceland.
Preserving Iceland’s cultural heritage amid climate change.
Mitigating the impact of non-native species on Iceland’s marine ecosystems.


Simona Simulyte

Visionary in life-centered design & ESG with 20+ years of experience. Renowned for blending technology with life-centered strategies to craft sustainable and innovative solutions. Advocate for tech4good and a dynamic business advisor & startups’ mentor, shaping impactful startups worldwide.

Stefania Mascolo

Consultant with +6 years of Cross-Sectoral Experience in Urban Sustainability and Climate Resilience. Expert on Sustainability & Climate, Policy and Governance Innovation, and Energy Transition. I enjoy supporting cities’ journey to achieve their climate goals.

Magdalena Falter

I am bridging theory and practise in tourism research and development. I hold a PhD in tourism studies and am excited about working on creative projects that instigate change. My special interest lie in creative and thinking outside of the Bbox projects.

Jury Members

José Manuel Alméstar Urteaga

PhD(c) at UPM School of Architecture (2021-2025). He coordinates EU projects at itdUPM. Holds degrees in Architecture and Urbanism (UNI, Peru – 2010), and a Master’s in Strategies and Tech. for Development (UCM & UPM, Spain – 2018). Leads EU projects on climate change, urban experimentation and art.

Richard Tuffs

Richard is based in Brussels and is an expert in EU policy in regional research and development and is a founder member of the Friends of Smart Specialisation (S3). Richard is also currently Chair of the S3 CoP Working Group on interregional collaboration.

Miimu Airaksinen-Wikberg

Dr. Miimu Airaksinen works as SVP R&D in SRV Group Plc. Before she joined SRV, she was the CEO and Managing Director at RIL Finnish Association of Civil Engineers and a Research Professor at VTT.

Estefanía Vallejo Ortega

Estefanía Vallejo Ortega is an accomplished architect with a strong academic background, earning her degree from the University of Valladolid in 2010 and a master’s degree in Environment and Bioclimatic Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Madrid in 2012.

Miguel Zarzuela

Miguel Zarzuela, EU Project Manager at CIRCE Technology Center, is an Industrial Engineer based in Spain. His main role is to coordinate flagship projects about electric mobility, industry decarbonisation and Net Zero Cities topics.