Tirana Hackathon

6-8 June 2024

Schedule of the hackathon in local time in Tirana

Local host


AL-Green is a non-profit organization based in Tirana, dedicated to supporting cities in Albania and the Western Balkans within the EU Missions. Since 2022, they have actively engaged key stakeholders at local, national, and regional levels, including policymakers, businesses, financial institutions, research organizations, and civil society. Additionally, they serve as the Albanian Mission HUB in the CapaCITIES’ ecosystem, demonstrating their integral role in advancing climate resilience and sustainability initiatives. Leveraging their expertise and commitment to the EU Missions, AL-Green has assumed the role of the local organizer for the European Citizens’ Hackathon Championship in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. This pivotal event aims to consolidate achievements, generate greater interest in the EU Missions, and raise awareness of their political, ecological, and socio-economic significance. AL-Green’s proactive approach underscores their dedication to fostering collaboration, innovation, and impactful outcomes in addressing pressing climate and environmental challenges within the region.


Florensa Haxhi Kovaci

Business development professional, project manager, and policy maker with over 14 years of experience. Significantly contributed to shaping Albania’s innovation and startup ecosystem through strategic initiatives, high-level policy development, and successful project management.

Fabiola Duro

An accomplished individual with 20 years of experience focused on national and international economic developments, and innovation ecosystems for startups, MSMEs, SMEs, and Corporates. She has in-depth knowledge of innovation research, green skills, and innovative transformation journeys.

Mikel Qafa

As an individual with a diverse range of interests, I have been fortunate to study and actively engage in addressing the pressing challenges of my generation. In my roles as a university lecturer and deputy mayor, I prioritize collaborative problem-solving, with a particular focus on climate issues.

Garret Patrick Kelly

Garret has 25 years of progressive leadership experience from UN Ambassador to Regional Climate Change Think Tank Director General. He is deeply expert in Climate Change Policies, GHG emissions & Circular Economy.

Jury Members

Linda Pustina

She graduated in Pharmacy, Biology, Medicine and Public Law at the Universities of Milan and Tirana. She has a PhD in Pharmacology and she is Associate Professor. She held important lidership positions at the Ministry of Education and Prime Minister Office in Albania and leads the Albanian S3 Team.

Sam Marchetti

Sam is founder of ConsortiaCo, an Innovation Network focusing on green, social and digital transition based in Cork City, Ireland

Herida Duro

My professional experience beyond the institutional context in supporting and strengthening networks in the field of education and cultural tourism, reflects a wide contribution as an expert of development policies of sustainable and long-term development of tourist destinations.

Karel van Oordt Montalvo

Passionate about the prosperity of people and the planet. Specialized in sustainable urban development, governance, and infrastructure, with 10+ years of public and private experience. Skilled in program and project management, advisory, strategy, and communications for change.

Sujith Ravindran

Sujith Ravindran is a global traveler, sits on boards of several impact initiatives, is a TEDx speaker and serial author of several books on leadership and personal development. He is the co-founder of Wise EU Foundation, a global thinktank to help EU stakeholders envision a thriving EU.