Uppsala Hackathon

13-15 June 2024

Schedule of the hackathon in local time in Uppsala

Local host

Sustainability InnoCenter

Sustainability InnoCenter (SIC) is a dynamic NGO based in Sweden, driving innovation and collaboration for sustainability. With a focus on empowerment and interdisciplinary exchange, SIC cultivates a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, professionals, and academics dedicated to advancing the United Nations sustainability agenda. Through open innovation processes, SIC fosters novel ideas and projects that address climate challenges, promote public engagement, and tackle social issues. Leveraging expertise in holistic development, behavioural science, and digital platforms, SIC facilitates think tanks, hackathons, and collaborative events to catalyse impactful solutions. Committed to inclusive growth, SIC empowers individuals and communities to shape a greener, sustainable future


Marta Kaprale

I’m a social impact innovator and storyteller, shaping new paradigms. With backgrounds in film, business, education, science communication, I fuse innovation and storytelling to drive change, guiding organizations towards SDGs and individuals towards meaningful contribution within their endeavours.

Dina Stamatopoulou

Head Designer of Edu Programs, National Theatre Greece, Creative Director,F.R.E.O NGO, trains educators & artists developing SDG impact projects in Education, Community and the Workplace, collaborates with Institutions, Organizations addressing sustainability challenges among diverse EC communities

Harry Stamatopoulos

Harris is Innovation & Strategic Collaboration management at the Innovation Partnership office of University of Uppsala in Sweden. He is also the director of Sustainability InnoCenter, a non-profit organisation that works on the boarder line of Sustainability, Innovation and solution creation.

Anna Kaczorowska

Urban planner, designer with educational background in architecture; professional focus: sustainable urban planning, urban transformation across socio-ecological, cultural, and infrastructural dimensions.

Jury Members

Tobias Svansberg

I have diverse experiences of category management and sourcing in areas such as furniture, footwear, sanitary, taps and showers. I joined IKEA in 2007. I’m leading product innovations for water and energy solutions across the home. I believe in enable and inspire to live water and energy efficient.

Patrik Hedlund

Patrik Hedlund is an intrapreneur and researcher with a deep passion for insights, technology, and innovation. He has also extensive international experience. In addition, he has a rich background in politics. Patrik holds a Master of Science (MSc) degree from Uppsala.

Zahra Safaei

I’m a postdoc researcher and entrepreneur in smart water management, With a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, I focus on sensor optimization and circular economy principles. I’m passionate about holistic, multiparameter solutions and fostering diverse community engagement for a sustainable planet.

Per Andersson

Innovator and entrepreneur working in the field of It-security, Data and Network.

Lars Friberg

I have dedicated my professional life to the global challenge of climate change. I have more than 20 years of work experience in this field,12 of them abroad I have worked on climate in different sectors, government agencies, politics, academia and for NGOs.

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